I am Not a Gypsy but ….

I am not a gypsy but my mind wanders and has for a long time. I have travelled places in my mind that some could never dream. In that way I am a Gypsy, but that is where the similarities almost end.

I am not a gypsy but I wrote a book about one with quite a few details :).

I am not a gypsy but I slept in a car one night last winter, in a deserted parking lot in a scary place  to get a feel for it and hated it.

I am not a gypsy but hold an admiration to how over time gypsies have developed an astounding resilience to much of what the rest of society has to deal with.

I am not a gypsy but I have respect for their culture, their ability to roll with the punches, their shrewdness, their sense of colour, music and freedom.

I am not a gypsy but I think I was one in a previous life.

I am not a gypsy but I am what my Mother called ‘fey’.

A Gypsy by Definition is clear as mud. We all have our definition of the Gypsy whether it be through songs by Shakira, Fleetwood Mac and numerous others, or movies, books and art. Any way your own definition lies there will always be a fascination with the lifestyle of a Gypsy for me.

A favourite Canadian band (Hedley) performs a heartfelt backstage song ” Gypsy Song ” – Just him and his guitar. I love it and would like to share the peace of a gypsy today. Enjoy the sweetness of a rough and tumble guy.

Give Jacob Hoggard a little listen. He may touch your soul today. 

Image Credit: alicia kendrick

YouTube Video

I will get to my book 5 Pillars of the Gypsy another day. I think I have time  🙂 – Lesley –  Rose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in.

13 thoughts on “I am Not a Gypsy but ….

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  5. I’ve been a bit bohemian all my life – traveled too much to know exactly where I call home, you know? But sleeping in the car, girl, you’re hard core! Love it!


  6. Thank you so much for providing your link and visiting my ‘Gypsy” post. I have a true story of my mother being born with a veil ( a piece of skin over the face) if you would be interested for your book. I love that you are experiencing the life prior to writing about it!


    • Thanks so much – When I clicked on your name it says that lensscribble wordpress is unavailable – I have found your other site and now following your blog.
      I have written the book but now will be expanding on the Gypsy’s journey. The book is not so much a tale of a gypsy per se but the heart and soul of the gypsy that lies in all of us at one time or another in life. The one that wants to shed the heaviness that society offers and live without settled roots. The soul of the gypsy is journeying and grappled for her role in life.
      I am very interested in an expanded version of your mother’s story. Lesley 🙂


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