~ The Gypsy’s 1st Mission ~ Join the Dance

The Gypsy found her way to the water’s edge specifically to rid herself of her past, her pain and the memories that have plagued her of late. It was time to start over with a new purpose, a new beginning. Time to traverse the cross-roads of her life and time on earth.  There has always been a draw to the open seas… much like the desert, the mountains … at one with nature and feeling the smallness of a human being combined with the power of nature.

Sound familiar?  Who hates the seaside? Doesn’t everyone carry a need to start again, wipe the slate, bury the past and go merrily into the future with no strings or burdens. Like a gypsy with no ties to bind her senses – at one with the Universe with nothing standing in between herself and her purpose?

Wouldn’t that be lovERly?

So to the rough and tumble tides she spoke – beseeching the only one who had enough power in her opinion to get the damn job done and over with so she could bloody well move on ! 

Here is how it went –

The Mission

Allow me to recharge my existence,

Join the music in the air,

Bind emotions up in packages,

And throw them out to sea.

Waiting for the tide to bring

Something back anew,

Useless memories left

To sink in the big blue.

Childish thoughts please stay with me.

With those I will not falter.

Sadness, jealousy and grief,

Just stay inside the water.

Rip the poison threads

That keep my senses so confined.

Replace the spoils, cast-asides

With grounded peace of mind.

As I toss dead roses to the depths

Along with sad occasions,

Sweep back to me my great big sea,

Soft leaves and petals only.

Rejuvenate in sunshine

What once was lost in snow.


The days of past, the months,

The years I no longer want to know.

In their place please put seconds,

Minutes – hours,

Allowing me to live again…

I know it’s in your powers.

Dear God, I’ve travelled far to sit

Beside Your pond,

Be baptized by your touch,

Regain momentum, feed the aching, starving

Self so much.

I’m peering at a bottle now.

It’s rising with the tide.

Have all my rambling

Prayers been answered

By the note enclosed inside?

Wading in to gather up

The bottle to my breast,

Enclosed with arms crossed tightly

As the water comes to crest.

With shaking hands I fumble

For the message you have sent,

And read the note at least ten times

To understand just what you meant.

You said:

Child, it’s time to ask you to throw caution to the wind,

to laugh, to sing, to dance, to rejoice in a multitude of things.

Time, it waits for no one.

Let me set that record straight.

Your time on earth is given

Only as guidance to my gate.


Once inside I’ll welcome you

In the style in which

You lived,

With purity and selflessness,

With efforts passing limits.

And all those thoughts and feelings

You have thrown here

From the shore

Will no longer darken, hurt or hold you.

You won’t need them anymore.

But now understand, you

Cannot toss those memories afar today.

They’ll stay with you to

Steer and veer life’s obstacles

Along the way.



When earthly life is over

And the angels bring you here,

That’s when you get

To shed that load.

All sorrows disappear.”

Folded now inside my mind

That note did just the thing.

God sent my way that day

With words as clear as spoken.

In doing so I was renewed,

As was my main ambition.

To sing and dance, rejoice in life,

…I accept this simple mission.




 The above water colour is titled ‘Join Me’ – Join me in the dance of life and accept those things you can not change. Use experience as a guide to improve your own future. Learn from past mistakes and forgive yourself for any in the future. Embrace your faults along with your best offerings. And cheers to those who’s like us ! 

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. (Alan Watts)


This poem/artwork and others can of course be found in my book
‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ available at many on line retailers. It has garnered wonderful , insightful reviews.
Best, LesleyRose coloured glasses suit my face. Forcing the look in.

13 thoughts on “~ The Gypsy’s 1st Mission ~ Join the Dance

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  12. Lesley,

    This is so lovely. I can hear the water as it rushes in and over and I want to reach for the message in the bottle, too. There’s even sand between my toes!

    What a wealth of words!


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