~Lone Dancer~ Surrendering to the Universe

The Gypsy had never felt so all alone. She was accustomed to music, dance and laughter as part of her daily life and yet she chose to leave it. The adjustments she was forced to make in order to achieve her purpose – a purpose that seemed to allude her every step of the way – none the less served to feed a side of her that was hidden even from herself. Today, she dances for herself. Today she dances with the universe. Today she remains alone but free.

Lone Dancer – a Poem from 1st Pillar of 5 Pillars of the Gypsy

She dances all alone now
Where once it counted more.
They’d make their silly entrances
Through the single door.

From the look that lights her face
Through loneliness held within,
She holds on to sweet memories
Not likely to wear thin.

Passing windows
One – two – three
She dips and swirls unbound
At the sweetness of
The freedom
In the music she has found.

There is no shyness
In her steps
No holding back emotions
With eyes closed tight
Smiling wide;
Serenity her right.

Her head tilts backward, Shoulders roll, Torso sending vibes
Exposing outside to her soul
Reliving her past lives.

Through the darkness into lightness
Any given night 
Peer in to see the spectacle
This truly awesome sight.

With her music
And her memories
Clearly all exposed
Of her gracefulness of movement
From her head right to her toes.

The crowds now gather nightly
To hold a piece of what she owns
No snickering or hiding
As she dips from highs to lows.

Partaking in the watching
Alights wonderment, surprise
In her innate ability
To surrender to the skies.

Departing now her audience
Is touched with gratitude
To have shared this carefree
Woman’s dance…
In her solitude.

I checked out the Gypsy Dance Theatre at the T...

I checked out the Gypsy Dance Theatre at the Texas Renaissance Festival (TRF) and immediately had my socks blown off. This group of belly dancers are incredible – not only are the individual stunningly photogenic but their dances are great. I caught part of several shows and each one was different. Great chemistry in this group. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lone Dancer’ was originally written for a friend of mine who is a dancing, Zumba dynamo. MT generously exudes a light that has the power to make a studio filled with sweating exhausted bodies dig for every last ounce of strength they can conjure up, while laughing with delight, absorbing parts of MT’s spirit, energy and soul…

In order to ‘fight’ the cancer that had invaded her life, MT was forced to take time off from instructing her multiple classes at various gyms. I could only imagine what a void she would need to fill as nature forced a break on her exuberance.

As she felt better I imagined her dancing alone to help herself ‘heal’ and keep herself ‘alive’. And as they say “It be done!”  Hallelujah Hallelujah ! 

Love, Lesley


3 thoughts on “~Lone Dancer~ Surrendering to the Universe

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  2. Len – In mid July I will be releasing 5 Pillars in e-book format for a much lesser price. Having said that I still believe that this is a hold-in-your-hand type of book for most people and so I have been told.

    The price was originally set by Amazon at $28.99 and I had no choice in that matter then one day I found that Amazon had lowered the price to $20.99 (I believe it had to do with #’s to the page and a few other factors) and I also had no choice. Now I see that they have once again listed at $28.99 and I am so upset with that even though it has 50+ coloured images. Grrrrrr. So frustrating! I am going to continue working toward a lesser price point but I am unsure of the requirements!

    Thanks so much for your support ! xx


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