the #Gypsy (continues) Flying on the Wings of Change

Never satisfied with silence and non-motion, the Gypsy finds it in herself once more to stretch the strength she was born to own and ignite when the time seemed right. The time was right, right now. The grapple to exist for a purpose in the universe haunted her days and nights. No other thought occupied her restless mind or her broken heart. What was it that she needed to accomplish? Where was it that she would feel that she belonged? The questions were endless – the answers elusive. She started this part of the journey by cleansing her soul and freeing her thoughts and on a wing and a prayer she plunged into the phase. 

The Gypsy Continues

Then the winds of change blew rampant

As they rustled through the trees

Did hit the gypsy solidly

And knock her to her knees.

She raised her eyes to heaven

And thanked her lucky stars,

For the strength she had been given

To separate those bars.

If it had been

In years of past

The ship would set to sail

Instead she waits

By the in box

For tickets via email.

Her destination is unknown

As she contemplates her choices.

The gypsy sure of just one thing…

Her singing heart rejoices.

When she leaves that life behind

For twenty-seven days,

The universe must guide her

As she stumbles through the haze.

And sure enough those angels

Who had brought her to this point,

Choose to float and fly with patience,

Helping God anoint.

Ever grateful, still uncertain

Of the journey she is on,

The gypsy takes advantage of

The freedom she has longed.

Only she will recognize

When the reason comes to surface,

Why the need for solitude;

What is her very purpose?

Wandering without an anchor,

Charmed by all in sight,

No one sees the gypsy’s pain

Or thinks she’s earned the right.



“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.


Please click on the photo to view in a larger format – water colour and oil pastel.
The poem above can be found along with others on this blog in my book ‘5 Pillars of the Gypsy’ which is available on Amazon and other on-line retailers. Later this week I will be releasing the e-book format of the book. 

Have a great weekend everyone and thanks so much for all your kindness and support , Lesley

11 thoughts on “the #Gypsy (continues) Flying on the Wings of Change

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    • Yes – they remain a mystery and are considered by many to fall into the category of ‘mystical’ but they do exist and as I have discovered are greatly mis-understood. But then again – who isn’t ? thanks for your comment Peggy, Lesley

      I am searching for more Gypsy related photos and facts to post on the Blog but have come across a lot of hog-wash 🙂


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