Meanings Behind the Gypsy – #Tattoo #Art

Now for something completely different!

The meanings behind the gypsy tattoo … Designs, Ideas, Pictures by The Lyric Writer –  for a more elaborate look please visit Ricky`s Post. 

In keeping with the fascination about the often elusive Gypsy, I would like to share an extensive post by The LyricWriter on Hub Pages. It revolves around Gypsy Tattoos, their meaning, their origin and their commonalities. More often than not the tattoo is a female figure, gazing up at the stars, completely representative of the searcher, the seer, the mystic. I was charmed by the images and captivated by their meanings. He does a terrific job of explaining in detail, not only Gypsy tattoos but many other tattoos and their meanings… Owls, Symbols, Bible quotations. The list is endless.

Says Ricky (The LyricWriter) :

This look is believed to hold symbolic importance.It is believed that this is a symbolic look as the gypsy takes a look into the future. Some gypsy tattoo designs may portray the gypsy with a crystal ball to portray the same thing. If you are looking toward the future or you feel that you posses a special ability, the gypsy tattoo may just be for you.”

Since the gypsy has the ability to portray magic, gypsy tattoos may include magical elements or symbols. Gypsies can be portrayed in a variety of different moods also. More commonly, the gypsy is usually portrayed with a blank look on her face. You may even see gypsy tattoo designs with the gypsies with their face covered. This is the blind gypsy.”

Here are my two favourites

I love the gaze, the butterflies, flowers, the ‘gaze’, the fact it is not too bright. The details are extraordinary. The art is captivating.

… and this one as it looks as though this Gypsy is seeing a vision and emotionally entranced. Again, the artwork and detail is beautiful.

  • Independence
  • Good Luck
  • Good Fortune
  • Desire
  • Happiness
  • Traveller
  • Femininity
  • Future
  • Spiritual
  • Natural
  • Magical
  • Accomplishment
  • Living Life

As for the symbolic meaning(s) of a Gypsy Tattoo – I choose them all!   but to set the record straight – I will not be getting a tattoo of any sort, only enjoying those of others.

Lesley – Peace

Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprinting. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website at


11 thoughts on “Meanings Behind the Gypsy – #Tattoo #Art

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    • Hi Kathleen, There is a lot of information out there for you. Do you have a grandparent that can share their stories?
      The fascination of gypsies along with the meaning of the tattoo girls have brought many seekers to this site. I don’t profess to be an expert, but I am learning about not only Romani culture, but those who feel they are gypsies. Who can deny a gypsy soul?

      Come back if you have info to share or email me if you like. Thanks for coming by. Hearts out.


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