from a Heavy Hearted Gypsy as the Gypsy is Found …


My heart is feeling quite heavy today as I am posting the last poem from my book ’5 Pillars of the Gypsy’. There are many more that have not been posted but I feel certain I have provided a good taste of my work in hopes that readers will buy my book! It was also as I felt when my manuscript was complete and all art in place. Bittersweet. I akin it to the concept of ‘letting go’ purging, cleansing. I posted this last week at my Inspiration Import Blog. Apologies if you receive it a second time.

The Cleanse in Abstract – Water colour

Letting go is a practised fight of mine that continues daily and for the most part I have mastered the art – I think… and then something pops up to remind me it is indeed a work in progress.

The Cleanse II in Abstract – Water colour

On the dedication page of my book I wrote ‘This is my Heart’. I didn’t write that for dramatic effect. The book really was a product of my heart, my soul, and parts of my own life I was ready to share.

In this poem I speak of God, the sea, the soul, simplicity, freedom, yesterdays and tomorrows and remedies, all of which fill my own heart each conscious waking hour.


The Gypsy is Found © Lesley Fletcher

The gypsy’s found her sails again

Eating strictly from the sea.

The lifestyle once beloved

Has lent her remedies.


No mercury does poison her

Nor complicated strategies

At one with God, effortlessly

It’s life the way it’s meant to be.


Another land awaits her still

Does strangle in its hold.

She’ll go back with some reluctance,

But owning, now, her soul.


 Sweet memories remind her

Of simplicity and freedom,

Adaption to the here and now

Living in God’s kingdom.


Awaiting for the day once more

That lights her inner fires;

Grateful for the time she’s given

Fulfilling deep desires.


Yesterdays are over and

Tomorrows fill her now

As she sits filled with all placidity

Upon life’s messy bow.


I can’t let go yet! I am not done. I have nine more songs to write :) (one is complete)

I am also taking a course at McGill University here in Montreal to produce a screen play based on the Journey of the Gypsy starting this Monday.

I will continue to update with interest stories and photos related to Gypsies.

Whew! so happy I don’t have to let go of my heart just yet. Perhaps I never will …

In the meantime I will close my eyes on occasion as listen closely in silence for guidance.


To Purchase this book please visit Amazon or for the e-book, Smashwords. Thanks so much for your continued support. Many people have contacted me letting me know that they have given this book as a gift! It has been well-received – Please contact me privately at for a savings coupon and I will supply the coupon and site. Lesley xx



Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprinting. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website at

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