Elvis was a Gypsy or Not

Elvis’s mother Gladys came from the Romani Smiths and the German Presslers, when the Roma first entered America, in fear of persecution they called themselves the Black Dutch. 

When I read this morning that Elvis was a Gypsy, suddenly his love for dance, his charm, colouring, originality … suddenly so many things fell in to place including his Gypsy soul.

I have been researching Gypsies more an more over the past week and come back (very often) to the same. Wherever they are they shine and the controversy and persecution that plagued Gladys way back when continues until this day.

I then looked ‘Elvis is a Gypsy’ up on Google search and found this article which disputes his heritage – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1033770/Elvis-gipsy-King-says-traveller-magazine.html

As I read more and more the controversy stirred deeper and deeper and further and further. This is a subject for scholars to study for decades more and at the end Still be Disputed!

Everyone knows that when one is accused it becomes almost a futile act to deny because the circle is endless. I watched a video the other day (lost track of it, sorry) that showed a Gypsy and his family at a horse fair, relaxing, enjoying what they loved to do. In his commentary, he mentioned the privacy and secrecy that Gypsy’s insisted on keeping over many years. It is apparent as to why. It is to avoid bias, prejudice and pre-conceived notions. His suggestions were to expose the Gypsy community through a full length film and put the secrets to bed. (once but not for all, I suspect).

As I scroll through the Internet and especially YouTube I have found hundreds of articles, verifiable images shared, and especially videos of Dancing Gypsies.  Their music – voice – and song is a beautiful part of their culture that will hopefully never fade. Enjoying our Earth’s Grand Canopy!





Bob Dylan wrote a song called “I Went To See The Gypsy” after a visit with Elvis, that song is available on YouTube.

Here are the lyrics 🙂

Went to see the gypsy

Stayin’ in a big hote

lHe smiled when he saw me coming

And he said “Well, well, well

His room was dark and crowded

Lights were low and dim

“How are you?” he said to me

I said it back to him
I went down to the lobby

To make a small callout

A pretty dancing girl was there

And she began to shout

“Go on back to see the gypsy

He can move you from the rear

Drive you from your fear

Bring you through the mirror

He did it in Las Vegas

And he can do it here”

Outside the lights were shining

On the river of tears

I watched them from the distance

With music in my ears
I went back to see the gypsy

It was nearly early dawn

The gypsy’s door was open wide

But the gypsy was gone

And that pretty dancing girl

She could not be found

So I watched that sun come rising

From that little Minnesota town

From that little Minnesota town

Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprinting. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website athttp://www.LesleyFletcher.com

13 thoughts on “Elvis was a Gypsy or Not

  1. I’m from India, I didn’t know about his back ground, when I saw him first …I remember, thinking…How come an American looks like an Indian…..

    His features are exactly like most Indians have from North East Part of Rajasthan state from tribe Banjara..especially his eyes…..and then I came to know..He had a Gypsy background….and …Gypsies were Originally from India, migrated to europe 1000s of years ago and that too…from Rajasthan state…

    Do not believe main stream coverage of lies..If you want to really know the truth….Just come to India ….go to Rajasthan state and meet Banjara people who are ancestors of Gypsies…You can literally see 1000s of Elvis Presley looks alike features in men all over….this is just too common…

    I don’t care whatever news articles says….The proof is in India…to be believed..even though I’m not a gypsy..I have lived in that part where the tribe lived….and if elvis Presley walked among them…he won’t even be recognized

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    • Thank you kind sir. I believe each word you say as. Indeed gypsies originated in India. What people argue is that his mother may have been a gypsy but that he Elvis was blonde from young and ended up dying his hair black. His features – especially the eyes and cheek bones are his distinction in NorthAmerica. Yul Brenner and Charlie Chaplin are were also gypsies but I believe it was not a point of honor for many at that time, hence so much speculation.


      • There are now many blond Gypsies though. Many Romanichal that I know are blond and can trace their lineage even to the major Romani families so being blond or not isn’t a good argument against. And, if his mother were a Gypsy, he would be at least part. 🙂 I am Spanish Gypsy but my husband is not… my boys have light hair (one red, one blond) but they are part Gypsy because of me (and seriously, I’d fight anyone who said otherwise).
        Anyone who claims you HAVE to be 100% to count as Gypsy is fooling themselves… even the Roma haven’t stayed 100% inside their group and there are MANY of us with mixed heritage now. Good article. I had heard this about Elvis in the past.

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      • Serenity, You are so right. Natural evolution will continue over time to include a variety of skin tones (and cultures). Whereas it is important to preserve the Gypsy heritage, it also shows that with globalism, comes tolerance and I personally find this to be totally acceptable.
        Sounds as though you have a perfectly blended family which will benefit from the mix!


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