I commented on this post by the Gyspy Pirate:
This is a great post – thanks for sharing some positive stories and stinging truths. From what I have learned lately there is still a long way to go as holding onto a rich culture is as important as making progress.
The worldwide impression of the Gypsies is not complementary to their culture in general but as with all cultures most of the time once you have learned about and met the actual living humans then the generally accepted point of view changes to excuse some of the faults.


I have read, seen good and bad. I have watched My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and wonder at the need to participate in a reality type situation when the gypsy culture in general has traditionally been quite secretive. The more I look into the culture, the more I appreciate its value in society. Much like other mis-understood ways of life the Gypsies deserve some understanding and respect. Especially their great artists and musicians and writers! Yes, Charlie Chaplin and Yul Brenner were gypsies. Who else? Look it up to find the outstanding list!

Opinions always Matter! Please join in.

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