The Soul of a Gypsy ~ Intuition

Searching for the meaning of a Gypsy soul (through Google) has brought many visitors to this site. The first page of results indicates that someone who has a gypsy soul is prone to wandering but is there more to possessing a gypsy soul? Yes, of course. Nothing that includes the word ‘soul’ is quite that simplistic. Time and again I promise to explore further into the expanded version of the meaning of a GS but for today let’s have a look at one important aspect.

As someone who has felt that urge to wander both in mind and in physical journeys I would not say I possess a gypsy soul based only on that criteria.To do so would be well, for a better word – irresponsible. If this were the case there would literally be bands of gypsies forging new trails and clogging up airports as we speak. No, I believe that a gypsy soul has many other refined characteristics.

One of the most vital qualities that helps define the GS is the innate ability to hone their sixth sense. Now a sixth sense can manifest itself in many forms but the most useful form when dealing with the road of life is the ability to trust your initial instincts. A GS can recognise immediately when their instincts speak to them. Trusting intuition and using that intuition is a vital part of a gypsy soul.

Developing intuition requires a strong self-esteem and a trust for your own feelings.

gypsy soul 1

Try to recall an occasion when your intuition tried to speak to you and you decided not to listen. Many people may let themselves off the hook or argue this idea by saying ‘Yes, but it is an example of retrospect, of hindsight now.’ Yes, it is hindsight and hindsight is the best tool to hone intuition for the next time it is needed.

Think of the fleeting moment that told you a person was not who they appeared to be, a path was not safe, the taste of the food indicated something but you ate in anyway. Intuition is a gift of self-preservation that has been around for centuries but as we evolved our reliance on it has diminished because of technology, safety standards, and the fact we live in a much gentler world than our ancestors did.

My mother was ‘fey’ and was quite sure I was too. Fey by definition in this instance means someone who is attuned to the supernatural, clairvoyant, visionary. Fey was drawn from her Scottish roots and the term remains in use today. But what made us fey really came down to being wise, able to draw from both knowledge, experience and listening to our own hearts and gypsy souls.


Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprints. Her latest book, 5 Pillars of the Gypsy is available in both e-book and print at and other on-line retailers. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website at

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She’s got that fey look as though she’s had breakfast with a leprechaun. (Dorothy Burnham)

10 thoughts on “The Soul of a Gypsy ~ Intuition

  1. That is pretty much what a gypsy soul is…And I have always been one.Boy, did I suffer when I ignored my intuition and went along with what I wished for anyway.But those were lessons to learn from.And I am also Fey.Nature has been always my world…I do have very much grounding to do though.I tend to get caught into dense energies.That really is not nice.I loved this article.Thank you, blessings.


    • Hi there. One of the characters in the book I’m writing is named Fae. I was wondering whether to spell it as you have above but stuck with my first choice. My mother used the word all the time – ‘I’m a bit fey, that way.’ You sound like a mix of gypsy and witch in your grounding and the mix of dark energies (surround yourself with light). I too ignored my intuition for the longest time, having a tendency to not really believe in them or maybe not believing in my abilities… Then once, twice three times you’re out came into play and I haven’t looked back!

      I actually don’t do the flag system any longer as there is no need because my intuition is so very honed. I am rarely wrong and that sometimes scares the hell out of me (and others) 😀 Cackling as I write this.

      Happy to know you too have learned to listen with your heart, soul and brain – what a difference it makes in ease of life.


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  3. Wow…this was VERY helpful!! I have a very strong intuition…always have…and I have so much trouble with people… This is really going to help me!! Thank you


      • I’m learning…after all these years, being so open & honest with my “feelings” in a world of staying hidden…to figue out my own way… Lots of work but oh so worth it!! Thanks again!


  4. This shed alot of light, but I’m still at a loss. Had a weird dream that I was in a mine and this gold miner that had a whistle when he talked told me “You can’t actually sell your eye [points to his eye ball] you need to sell your gypsy soul and not say a word about it again” then I think I astral projected to my room cuz the dream scene changed to me being in first person view of my room from my bed and I could faintly Smell a rotten milk sulfur smell and felt a demonic presence in the corner of my room. Felt so scared I woke my own self up with fear. What did that guy mean that I need to sell my gypsy soul??


    • This is really interesting as dreams are usually never what they seems to be, but rather the sub-concious at work. I wonder who would want to ‘buy’ your gypsy soul? I too would be frightened by the thought. Are you in a situation where you feel you are losing a part of yourself (reference 1st person p.o.v.)? You may be giving more (reference Gold) than what you are getting (reference rotten milk) and you need to step back to ‘see’ it (reference eye). This is only my take of course! I hope you find your answer here though.


  5. Lovely post Lesley, thank you. A gypsy soul may wander and also wonder .. about all the mysteries of life. I too have Scottish ancestry – my mother’s mother and I too wonder sometimes about ‘things’ …and you’re right, we can hone our 6th sense if we but develop and then trust our inner instincts …


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