Gypsy Soul ~ Lonely vs. Aloneness

A person possessing a gypsy soul is at peace with herself (I am using the feminine but it can of course be a male gypsy soul also). By at peace I mean to say that she has a strong sense of self, holds her beliefs with conviction, has an enviable self-esteem. Because of this those who possess a gypsy soul take refuge with their own soul and are at rest with themselves. Aloneness fits as a second skin – and yet when they make an effort to be alone in public, people are drawn to their persona and their vibes. It is thought that gypsy souls have this quality because they have enjoyed many past lives and are entertained by memories that to some may deem imaginary. It means nothing to the gypsy that people can’t seem to grasp her comfort in herself as an explanation would only reveal her own secrets which she likes to keep to herself.

Being alone allows the soul to travel the proverbial Seven Seas, exploring ideas, dreaming of the future, adding breathing space where her heart takes her soul and basking in her imagination. It allows for music to be played at her own level of abundance. Being alone allows her to dance to her own drummer, getting lost in the rhythm, swaying with abandon. Aloneness allows for a channelling of spirits, ideas, divinations, meditations, inspiration and freedom to feast and reflect on creativity and self.

gyspy hammock file3741269929167

Loneliness is not the same as being alone – A gypsy soul is not a lonely soul – she has herself to play with and her passion for freedom to do so.

gypsy soul attitude

… and she has known it all of her life


Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprints. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website at
This blog is an accompaniment to her book 5 PILLARS OF THE GYPSY and a starting ground for her next books.

9 thoughts on “Gypsy Soul ~ Lonely vs. Aloneness

  1. I lived an abused life for years, since I was a child. Now in the last four years after my husband left, I have done some deep soul searching. I love being alone, I love going out for walks anywhere by myself. I’m not afraid to be around ppl, I just rather be by myself… Learning, exploring and now my family is worried about me and I find it hard to be by myself lol…. I’ve never been afraid of being alone, I prefer it…. Is that the same as a gypsy soul?


    • Kristine, There are many factors involved when it comes to the soul. I think you are experiencing yourself and really like what you have found. So often we attach ourselves and define ourselves by others when our best friend lies inside us. Do you have a gypsy soul? That is only for you to answer! In the meantime congratulations on becoming someone you have always been, but has not been given the chance. You have gifted yourself with that chance. Explain to your family that their worries are unfounded and you have never been in better hands πŸ™‚


  2. I especially LOVE that last sentence “…and she has know it all her life” because that is SO TRUE…and at least for me… What I’m learning is that EVERYTHING in me has know who was…my whole life…. And all kinds of circumstances have gotten in the way…clogged up my thoughts, but my true self has been there all along waiting to be FREE… And I think that’s SO TRUE of so many….


  3. Finding a way alone in the loneliness. I agree that they are different like night and day. I think often people have a needless fear of being alone – as though it’s a bad thing. Don’t fear – it’s not. Very good article Lesley.


    • The fear arises from anxiety – at least that is my take on it. People who are anxious generally don’t like to be alone. They prefer someone is nearby to listen and hide behind. Those who are comfortable in their own skin are usually unafraid of being alone and find something from within themselves to feed any voids. Thanks for stopping by Mary – Happy St. Patrick Day!


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