Omens – what a scary word!

Although I have poked fun at some Omens listed here, I remain fully conscious from here forward of this list and will take note (in all seriousness).


Behind the Veil – Part 2

This is the follow-up segment to where I introduce the gypsy from her own perspective, in the tent. It is a developing story that will eventually make up my novel. These are the two unlikely characters who will form a friendship. Enjoy! It was finally my turn to get my reading. It felt as though…

Elvis was a Gypsy or Not

Elvis’s mother Gladys came from the Romani Smiths and the German Presslers, when the Roma first entered America, in fear of persecution they called themselves the Black Dutch.  When I read this morning that Elvis was a Gypsy, suddenly his love for dance, his charm, colouring, originality … suddenly so many things fell in to…