Synchronicity or Merely a Coincidence?

Carl Jung can be quoted as stating – “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who choose to see.” But what if you choose to see every single event as being something that happened for a purpose? I asked myself that question today. And I came up with a couple of scenarios demonstrating the difference between Coincidence and synchronicity.

Coincidence to me is something that has no real value even when analysed  – I was picking up dinner at a local chicken place (St Hubert – Quebeckers love it) when someone I will not name entered the jam-packed take-out area at the same time. She freaked out at us being at the same place and at the same time. I did not.

  • A) We live in the same neighbourhood.
  • B) It was dinner time on a Friday night.
  • C) The place was packed with familiar faces (all looking our way btw)
  • D) It wasn`t as though she said – Oh, I was just thinking of you or I was going to call you or something along those lines

The likelihood of running into someone she may know was very high and yet she chose to see it as a `sign`. To me, it was a mere coincidence.

In my work in progress, – Crystal Ball Persuasion – two characters have their first casual interaction in the restaurant, Applebees (US chain). The choice of restaurant was a matter of Applebees being the closest and most convenient place to go.

Fast forward and the same two characters are put into a situation where they have to choose between two places in order to attain a goal. One of the places is the Appleby Fair (England). They recognise that hands down the universe in all its wisdom has given them a broad hint on which location to visit and which one to cast aside as a waste of time and energy. Synchronicity to me is an event or series of events that hold value, whether it be self-improvement, decision making or any number of thought provoking things that life gives us.

An old soul has the ability to recognise the difference and make a wise decision of how to apply it. A young soul (in training) can mix the two which can lead to poor decision making if based on events that hold no value.

A Gypsy Soul is an Old Soul who chooses his or her Path Carefully



Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprints. To learn more about her please visit the tabs here on WordPress or her website at
This blog is an accompaniment to her book 5 PILLARS OF THE GYPSY and a starting ground for her next books.

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6 thoughts on “Synchronicity or Merely a Coincidence?

  1. Synchronicity? Your blog is randomly thrown into my Reader. I do monoprints and bookarts. And I live about a minute away from you. How does that happen? Is the Web that smart Or does the wider web of the universe use the Web for its magic? Beautiful book, congratulations.


  2. Synchronicity or coincidence I think it’s like a domino effect. Did the incident cause a blip in your personal universe or did it cause a major boom. I think we have more coincidences then not. Good post Lesley.


  3. Reblogged this on Inspiration Import and commented:

    I have another blog going on and have for quite some time. Though Inspiration Import is my main squeeze 🙂 so to say, I like to add to the Journey of the Gypsy. I have far better traffic there, but only 45 followers! Not looking for new followers today. Just wanted to share a post – An old soul has the ability to recognise the difference and make a wise decision of how to apply it. A young soul (in training) can mix the two which can lead to poor decision making if based on events that hold no value.


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