Premonition vs. Instinct

Premonition by definition is :

1. previous notice or warning :  forewarning
2.  anticipation of an event without conscious reason :presentiment
(source Mirriam Webster)
Having a premonition doesn’t rely on things that have happened and is not prompted by events. It is as a whole, a vision of what is believed to come true in the future. The date may be tomorrow, or it may be next year or in the case of the premonition in the book I am writing (CRYSTAL BALL PERSUASION) – it is seen as a far future event.
In my story an old crone and a mentor to the gypsy tells her to look out for certain characteristics in a woman. Once she finds the woman, which will not be until much later on in life (she is a young girl at the time of the telling), she will fulfil a part of her destiny. The older woman has powerful gifts of sight that can’t be explained by science – her gift lies in her ability to channel from another dimension. 
Premonitions are not set in stone, but rather presented as a puzzle that makes up the whole kind of like a dream would. There are fuzzy parts that have to be placed in an order and often dissected and restrung to make any sense. Many people dream of the future and make quite strong statement about events they ‘see’ will happen, claiming to receive the messages from a spiritual source.
Instinct on the other hand presents itself as a feeling of what may occur (a concious reason), as opposed to a thought of what may occur. It is usually a result of a series of gut instincts strung together. It comes to the surface as a result of both the thought process (of events or behaviours) and intuitive knowledge which is a built in mechanism that can be developed by honing in and trusting ones feelings. The combination allows for better decision making abilities and a protection of both the heart (love, friendships) and the tangible (work problems, school issues etc.)
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