Talk about a Journey!

I’ve talked about it and I’ll be speaking more on it. What is it? Crystal Ball Persuasion, my new novel. And indeed it was a journey. I have now read it a grand total of 9 times. Ten when I get the hard copy. I can hardly wait to feel the pages in my hands.

The theme of gypsies has been with me for many years. I have researched, embraced and have delved into what makes a ‘gypsy soul’ all in preparation for something I didn’t originally plan on – a novel about a gypsy.

It has all the elements of the heart and soul of a gypsy with an added element of adventure, travel and an unlikely pairing of women. This is not a love story but love is always a central element of any writing that touches on passions – and this book does.

Today, it was released on

You can purchase a copy by clicking on the imagine above. Thanks so much for your support over the past while. I have had a wonderful time writing and watching my stats here grow and grow! You are a shy lot, but I know you are around – so thanks. It makes it all worthwhile!


Lesley Fletcher is a writer (freelance, books, content, lyrics,stage plays) as well as a visual artist specializing in monoprinting. To learn more about her please visit her website at


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