Omens – what a scary word!

I have been reading over old scripts (books) in my efforts to research into the wonderful world of Gypsy Folklore. I came across this section in one of the books. I found it very interesting to realise my own view of things in that the less I know, the more free I am from the ‘darkness’ and the Omens that roam freely and without mercy.


Here are a few Omens to consider. Now remember, once you are aware they are hard to rid.


ACORN.—Falling from the oak tree on anyone, is a sign of good fortune to the person it strikes. (this is a good one; rain on me my sweet oak tree)

BAT.—To see one in day time means long journey. (gypsies will be okay with this for sure!)

“Monday’s child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace,
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go,
Friday’s child is loving and giving,
Saturday’s child works hard for its living;
But a child that’s born on the Sabbath-day
Is handsome and wise and loving and gay.”

(oh oh Thursday’s Child has far to go)

(To find out your day of birth type in ‘what day was it on Birthdate in full month, day, year)

BUTTERFLY.—In your room means great pleasure and success, but you must not catch it, or the luck will change. (like this one too)

CANDLE.—A spark on the wick of a candle means a letter for the one who first sees it. A big glow like a parcel means money coming to you. ($$$ – give me a massive glow)

CAT.—Black cat to come to your house means difficulties caused by treachery. Drive it away and avoid trouble. (bless the cat of all witches – may they find ways to protect both themselves and their lovely cats.)

CHAIN.—If your chain breaks while on you means disappointments or a broken engagement of marriage. (long may your chain not fail you)

CLOTHES.—To put on clothes the wrong way out is a sign of good luck; but you must not alter them, or the luck will change. (oh my goodness, I cannot count the number of times I have had to go out with clothing in-side-out or backwards)

CLOVER.—To find a four-leaf clover means luck to you, happiness and prosperity. (search search for in that clover lies your destiny)

COW.—Coming in your yard or garden a very prosperous sign. (note: must move to the countryside immediately, if not sooner)

CRICKETS.—A lucky omen. It foretells money coming to you. They should not be disturbed. (Love me my crickets at this time of year. They sing in harmony and fill the air with music.)

DOG.—Coming to your house, means faithful friends and a favourable sign. (Welcome my beautiful creatures)

DEATH-WATCH.—A clicking in the wall by this little insect is regarded as evil, but it does not necessarily mean a death; possibly only some sickness. (good thing I am a tad hard of hearing)

EARS.—You are being talked about if your ear tingles. Some say, “right for spite, left for love.” Others reverse this omen. If you think of the person, friend, or acquaintance who is likely to be talking of you, and mention the name aloud, the tingling will cease if you say the right one. (yes)

FLAG.—If it falls from the staff, while flying it means danger from wounds inflicted by an enemy. (long may the flag fly high)

FRUIT STONES OR PIPS.—Think of a wish first, and then count your stones or pips. If the number is even, the omen is good. If odd, the reverse is the case. (oh a new one. I like it)

GRASSHOPPER in the house means some great friend or distinguished person will visit you. (had one in my car. Should have invited it into the house?)

HORSESHOE.—To find one means it will bring you luck. (naturally, we all knew this, right?)

KNIVES crossed are a bad omen. If a knife or fork or scissors falls to the ground and sticks in the floor you will have a visitor. (knock knock knock)

LADYBIRDS betoken visitors. (I have it on good account that they are the spirits of loved ones passed. I regularly find a set of four or five in my pool and try like crazy to save their lives, in hopes I will hear them again in life.)

LOOKING GLASS.—To break means it will bring you ill luck. (I have broken a few. Still catching up most days)

MAGPIES.—One, bad luck; two, good luck; three, a wedding; four, a birth. (Give me a murmur please)

MARRIAGE.—A maid should not wear colours; a widow never white. Happy omens for brides are sunshine and a cat sneezing. (love this one. I have never heard it before)

MAY.—”Marry in May, and you’ll rue the day.” (truth hurts a lot)

NEW MOON on a Monday signifies good luck and good weather. The new moon seen for the first time over the right shoulder offers the chance for a wish to come true.

NIGHTINGALE.—Lucky for lovers if heard before the cuckoo. (??? I am wondering what this means – anyone?)

OWLS are evil omens. Continuous hooting of owls in your trees is said to be one of ill-health. (oh deary me)

PIGS.—To meet a sow coming towards you is good; but if she turns away, the luck flies. (Sueeeeeeee, Sueeeeeeee)

RABBITS.—A rabbit running across your path is said to be unlucky. (Alice!)

RAT.—A rat running in front of you means treacherous servants and losses through enemies. (no servants, enemies maybe, but I think this is of lore)

RAVEN.—To see one, means death to the aged or trouble generally. (This saddens me)

SALT spilled means a quarrel. This may be avoided by throwing a pinch over the left shoulder. (Absolutely every single time)

SCISSORS.—If they fall and stick in the floor it means quarrels, illness, separation of lovers. (I used to tell my clients it was good luck for them. Oh Lord, what have I created?)

SERPENT OR SNAKE.—If it crosses your path, means spiteful enemies, bad luck. Kill it and your luck will be reversed. (Kill free zone here. I would pluck it for the woods and have a natural thing kill it.)

SHOES.—The right shoe is the best one to put on first. (’tis)

SHOOTING STARS.—If you wish, while the star is still moving, your wish will come true. (Oh how wonderful)

SINGING before breakfast, you’ll cry before night. (That’s the problem. Finally a solution!)

SPIDERS.—The little red spider is the money spider, and means good fortune coming to you. It must not be disturbed. Long-legged spiders are also forerunners of good fortune. (Me no likie little reds, long legged, or dock spiders in general, but I will not disturb here on forward. See why it it sometimes best NOT to know?)

TOWEL.—To wipe your hands on a towel at the same time with another, means you are to quarrel with him or her in the near future. (Now you tell me. I will covet the towel, herein forward)

WHEEL.—The wheel coming off any vehicle you are riding in means you are to inherit some fortune, a good omen. (Out of all crappy events comes something good if you really look hard for it 😉 )

WASHING HANDS.—If you wash your hands in the water just used by another, a quarrel may be expected, unless you first make the sign of the cross over the water. (Will do. Thank you but most days we have fresh, individual water these days.)



My comments are in bold italics. Although I have poked fun at some Omens listed here,  I remain fully conscious from here forward of this list and will take note (in all seriousness).


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2 thoughts on “Omens – what a scary word!

  1. Whether or not there’s anything to omens, I find them fascinating. There’s something about us as people that makes us want to believe they mean something. And that intrigues me. There several of these that I didn’t know, so thanks – I like to learn.

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