I’m an Air-Conditioned Gypsy

The only sort of air-conditioning this gypsy really needs comes from the sea. It provides oxygen, food, infinite beauty and endless entertainment. My time ‘on the road’, though short, was highlighted by the sea. So much so that my skin improved, my circulation, energy and calm.



Now Now when the heavens cry I cry with them; When the sun shines I fly; Now when the songs Are heard I smile; And in the silence I think; Now when the music plays I dance; And the freedom envelops me. Since losing you I have found me. I detest the trade That was…

the Gypsy’s Pilgrimage

The Gypsy had met many people on the road leading to her yet unknown destination. Each person gave of themselves. Each person added to the Gypsy’s limited knowledge of the world outside of her own original comfort zone. Each person added to the knowledge base she longed to fill. Her spiritual base was getting plump…